Green Building

The railing designs offered are among the greenest available. Manufactured with high quantities of recycled content, the stainless steel, aluminum, and glass components can be used for added points in both LEED and National Green Building Certifications.

Powder-coated finishes are virtually maintenance free and require very little upkeep. Generally, a water hose, wet rag, and mild detergent, periodically, is all that is needed to keep the railing looking great. 

Our manufacturers have been carefully selected based on analysis and real-world experience. They have long been leaders in the area of environmental responsibility. These select vendors lead with programs and practices that reduce each carbon footprint—demonstrating a commitment to environmental stewardship.

Products are not the only focus of responsibility. Texas Railing Systems is insistent about job site neatness and safety. Great measures are taken to ensure that the packaging used in shipping is taken to recycling centers so that the impact of your construction project can be further reduced.